Assembly regular bikes (Non electric)

Assembly regular bikes (Non electric)


A bicycle that is delivered in a box needs some assembly. The pedals still need to be placed on the pedals, the saddle in the seat tube, the handle bar and the front wheel. If the bicycle has a front carrier and / or lock, then it must also be mounted on the bike)

- All spokes must be checked and become tense
- Bring the chain to tension
- Grease and / or spray all nuts and bolts and screws and tighten
- Adjust gears
- Adjust brakes
- Grease seat post and handlebar for assembly
- Grease the right pedal (left or right) and install on the right side of the bike
- Install the front carrier (if present) and mount it on the bicycle

If you opt for the assembly service, then all of these items will be done for you by our bicycle specialist. Please note, the delivery time can be extended with the assembly service up to 3 working days.

from € 96,00


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