Beach Cruiser foldable e-bike

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We developed our own folding bike, the BeachCruiser. An aluminum electric folding bike which is very good priced, but still greatly equipped with for example 7 Nexus gears and a top quality battery.

You can choose from various colours such as Marbella Blue, Valencia Red and Navy Blue. To your personal taste you can choose from various colours for the tyres, handles and saddle.

  • Comfortable Cruiser handlebar
  • 20 inch wheels
  • Shimano Nexus 7 gears
  • Height adjustable saddle
  • Framesize 44cm
  • Height-adjustable and removable handlebars
  • Entire bike easily foldable 
  • 36V lithium accu
  • V-brakes
  • Bike side stand
  • Suitable for people from 140cm to 210cm

The bicycle is made according to European directives. Max. 25 km/h with pedal assistance. You can ride on the bike path without a helmet. The bike and brakes are adapted to the speed. You will stop on time. A very cool and safe bike.

For the development of this great folding bike we have only used A-brand products, these are easy to maintain and if necessary to replace.

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