Battery renovation

Repair & Recycle or Refurbish your battery

After years of cycling on your electric bike you will notice that the power of the battery deteriorates. This is a normal phenomenon that occurs with all E-bikes after a certain period or after a lot of use.

After the first year, a battery delivers about 90% of its power. Between four and six years, the battery will not provide sufficient power to cycle as you where used to throughout the years. Amsterdam Bikes in Spain offers a battery re-celling and refurbishment service using top quality Panasonic or Samsung cells to make your battery pack better than it was when it was new.

Normally new sounds better then refurbished. Surprisingly that is not the case for electric bicycle batteries. When you bought your electric bike the manufacturer tried to keep the purchase price of an electric bicycle as low as possible. Therefore cheaper battery cells are often used coming from China and Taiwan.

During our repair, recycle or refurbishing only A-brand batteries are used. We use, among others, Samsung and Panasonic batteries. And because the plastic case and the electronics are not being replaced, the renovation is also much cheaper and better for the environment.
No matter how strange it sounds, repairing, recycling or refurbishing is therefore the best choice.

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